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by: Intratec Performance Apparel

A Brand is Born

Necessity is the mother of invention, and as a group of avid athletes in hot and humid Miami, we had some needs. We loved running, cycling, and all sports, but we were tired of  the boring, overpriced cotton tees we were getting for our group events and everyday workouts. With knowledge in manufacturing and a passion for innovative products, we put our heads together, and Intratec was born!


Our Values

While the motivation behind the product was clear, we felt we needed to define a few values before jumping into a business.


  • We would make high quality products.
  • We would provide great value for our customers.
  • We would provide a product as unique as the customer wearing it.


With these values in mind, we landed in the only space that would naturally allow us to fulfill all of our value requirements: Fully Custom Performance Apparel.



Since quality was important to us, we looked for the best in fabrics and in printing.  After more than our fair share of sweaty, soggy sports; we determined we needed a breathable fabric that would keep us cool and comfy on hot days.. and so after some R&D, we developed our high quality, breathable fabric. While the runners and basketball players loved the breathable material, our yogis and cyclers were looking for something a bit more fitted.. and so, cue the stretchy, high performance fabric.



Made of 100% polyester, our breathable fabric has panels engineered to enhance air flow through the garment, giving you a cooler, dryer sensation.



Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, our performance fabric offers stretch and a high range of motion for athletes who need their gear to move with them.

While the breathable and performance each have great differentiators, both of our fabrics are designed to be high performance, and to wick moisture away to keep you performing at your peak!


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Aside from just quality fabrics, we really wanted to give our customers a chance to tell their story. Since each story is unique and detailed, we determined we needed an option to print detailed, unique designs. With years of apparel experience, we knew sublimation was the way to go. Unlike traditional screen printing, sublimation allows us to print full color, all-over, custom, detailed designs on any area of the garment. From Polo collars to bottom hems, we can print anything anywhere, and you can bet the clarity and quality of the print, will leave any other tee in the dust.

Learn more about Sublimation>>



Why We Do, What We Do


We understand the blood, sweat, and tears put into each race, game and match; and know that each athlete and every customer has their own unique story to tell. Whether you’re looking for a high quality shirt for a corporate event, or want to honor a lost loved one you’re walking for, we’re committed to delivering high quality apparel, with high quality design that leaves the crowd behind, and helps tell your story.



A Designer in all.  An Athlete in all.


While many may not consider themselves athletes or artists, we believe that everyone is an athlete and each person has a unique story worth telling, and we’re here to help you leave the crowd behind while running the race of life, and telling that story in a fully custom shirt.


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