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Boston Marathon 2018: Mind over Body, or Body over Mind?

This year’s Boston Marathon, as you may have read, has been the Boston Marathon with arguably the worse climatic condition over the last 30 years. With gusty winds over 25 mph, freezing rain and dropping temperatures, the physical challenge to complete this historic marathon would be one for the books. Prior to this day, I certainly anticipated a higher-than-normal degree…

Keep hydrated during summer for your 5k race

Summertime: that time of the year when the beach calls you by name. Before heeding its call, you must first do a few things: grab that sweet, little yellow polka dot bikini (or trunks), a bottle of sunblock and most importantly: BOTTLED WATER! Proper hydration is of vital importance, even more crucial than catching that skin- blessing Vitamin D. For…

7 healthy foods to have in moderation to lose weight

Taking care of your nutrition is a real task, especially when your goal is to lose weight for better performance at running or just to feel more confident. If you are following a diet without a nutritionist’s guidance you need to be careful not to fall for “healthy” label products that are not the best option for shedding those extra pounds….