Rich, saturated colors and complex designs cannot be achieved with traditional screen printing.

Sublimation on the other hand opens up an endless array of designs, patterns and colors.

Sublimation is a process in which a substance (in this case ink) goes from printed paper directly to a gas by applying the right amount of heat and pressure.

As it converts to gas, the ink then penetrates the fabric’s fibbers and fully embeds the pigment into the garment leaving your design printed just the way you envisioned.

Your imagination is truly the limit!

The result?

Rich, saturated colors and complex designs that cannot be achieved by traditional screen printing. In other words, it opens endless possibilities of designs, and colors.

The process is simple, you generate a design (ANY design), pattern and/or logo that you want to print. They can cover sections of the garment or if you prefer, you can print over the whole garment. Your design is then printed on special paper, it then gets subjected to pressure and heat (sublimated) on the garment, leaving your design printed just the way you envisioned.

What type of designs can I make?

Anything! All over prints are those printed over the whole garment. The most common use of all over prints include patterns and backgrounds that help bring your design to life.

Local prints are graphics that are placed in specific sections of a shirt, most commonly in the chest area or the back. These can be combined and printed with solid-color shirts or patterns as backgrounds. *

Take a look at our pre-design sections for ideas.

*Note on printing: For best results printing must be done over white fabric, sublimation does not work well when printed over dark fabrics. If a solid color or pattern is needed this must be part of your design so it can be printed correctly.