Growing Your Brand Through Corporate Sponsorship

by: Intratec Performance Apparel

Branding and brand awareness is more important than ever. With digital millennials taking over the market, and shockingly low brand loyalty, making meaningful connections with customers is more important than ever to break through the clutter and develop meaningful brand relationships with your customer. Here we’ve put together a few of our best tips and advice to help you drive successful engagement through branded events.




Come to the Customer

When it comes to experiential marketing and branded events, the first step is identifying where your customer is, and tailoring plans accordingly. Putting your product in its natural environment, and allowing customers to naturally engage and interact with it, creates meaningful and memorable connections.


 For some companies, this translates to entire events. One of the most notably successful branded events is the Vans Warp Tour, which connects customers to music they’re passionate about, and creates countless positive associations between the brand and the experience. Other great examples include: Fit for Me by Fruit of the Loom’s sponsorship of Full Figure Fashion Week, or Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis Campaign.


For us, as a custom print brand in the performance market, our customers are at races. In order to meet our customer in their environment, we partnered with Mercedes Benz to help sponsor the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run here in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. We invested the time and resources into creating a branded tent, showcasing our product and ensuring we had the right people in place. For us, the dedication and preparation were a huge success, resulting in meaningful connections and great learning.


A few rules to follow:


1.    Create a branded environment.

From the tablecloths to the backdrop, every element should be indicative of your brand. A coordinated look for the team working the event is also essential. Since we were working in a small space, in order to highlight the printing capabilities of sublimation, we featured vibrant colors, and sublimated, detailed table cloths.


2.    Choose the right team, and ensure you have your talking points.

When customers come to your booth, there’s a few questions they’re bound to ask. Ensure you make the most of these interactions by choosing people who are passionate about the brand and product, and have a thorough knowledge of what the customer will need to know.


3.    Set up a customer capture system.

Set up a signup, a photo wall, a social media hashtag, or any other creative form of customer capture. Whether it’s through online ticket sales, or a signup form at your booth, capturing interested customers is essential to retargeting and reconnecting with those customers to boost sales.

4.    Make use of evangelistic marketing through giveaways.

Nothing draws a crowd to a booth better than free stuff. To make the most of your time at an event, make giveaways a highlight that connects your customer to the brand. The product chosen should be in line with your brand, and naturally encourage sharing. A few recommended options:



Product Samples

If your product is small and samples are a cost-effective solution, getting into the hands of your target market is a great way to capture new customers.

*For best results, include marketing materials that indicate where to purchase.


Coupons or Discounts

If you have a service based business and are targeting local customers, coupons are great ways to get customers in the door along with their friends and family. Keep in mind, this tactic is best for local events. For restaurants, pairing with a sample of one of your most popular dishes, can be an excellent way to gain business.


Everyday Use Marketing Items

Keychains, sunglasses, hats, and all make great choices for evangelistic marketing. If the items are designed well, and made well, customers will wear them after the event, giving you invaluable and deep access to the inner circle of the customers you were able to interact with. Just be sure to focus on the quality of the product and the integrity of your brand identity.


For us, giving away our T-shirts was a no-brainer. Allowing customers to feel the quality and talk to us about the low pricing and unlimited capabilities was an invaluable way to connect with the customers we were already targeting digitally and proved to be a great success!


If you’re looking for a high-quality giveaway that is able to feature your brand in a creative way, or simply looking to provide a branded shirt to tie your team look together, Intratec is here to help. With high quality prints and prices starting as low as $6, Intratec is your go-to for high quality branded performance wear!


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