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7 healthy foods to have in moderation to lose weight

Taking care of your nutrition is a real task, especially when your goal is to lose weight for better performance at running or just to feel more confident. If you are following a diet without a nutritionist’s guidance you need to be careful not to fall for “healthy” label products that are not the best option for shedding those extra pounds….

5 Kick-ass Female Athletes

In the history, many tributes have been made to honor women. It’s clear that beauty is not the only cause why women are so special. They have unimaginable willpower, always looking after their beloved ones and never giving up despite the hard times. This intensifies when we talk about female athletes. When you see them on the tv, while they are performing,…


How To Choose The Best Performance Fabric For Your Sport

When it comes to choosing your high-performance equipment for runs and sports, there are some aspects that you want to keep in mind in order to make the best decision. To make it easier, we’ve gathered some advice from our production experts that will help you choose your performance gear, for you or your team, more strategically. THE MAGIC BEHIND…