7 healthy foods to have in moderation to lose weight

by: Intratec Performance Apparel

Taking care of your nutrition is a real task, especially when your goal is to lose weight for better performance at running or just to feel more confident. If you are following a diet without a nutritionist’s guidance you need to be careful not to fall for “healthy” label products that are not the best option for shedding those extra pounds.

Here are some products that you can eat in moderation (the magic word!):

  1. Granola:

Yes, it’s delicious and also healthy. But, depending on the process it was made, it can be really high in calories. Try to eat granola only during breakfast and make sure to use the right measurement.

  1. Sugar-Free labeled products.

Despite the low caloric content, this product normally adds alternative sugars that your body may actually process as if it were real sugar, raising your insulin levels. The key to consuming these foods and beverages is – magic word – moderation; always opt for natural or organic choices.

  1. Fruits:

This tropical delight sometimes hides high levels of sugar. Make sure to add to your shopping cart the fruit type that is full of soluble and insoluble fiber, which help with weight control. Examples are apples, pears, grapefruit, blueberries, and strawberries.

  1. Peanut Butter:

We know you love your PB&J sandwich, and we are not saying you have to quit this heavenly delight, but let’s reduce intake to once or twice a week. Many commercial PB brands contain too much sugar. Instead, look for the natural, no sugar added product and check the label for ingredients.

  1. Trail mix:

There is an ideal snack for every occasion and sometimes Trail Mix is exactly what we are craving. It is very healthy, however, it’s not the best option if you are not physically active (when you are walking your dog or hiking). The best way to have this snack is by making it yourself and staying away from extra sweeteners, like chocolate.

  1. Protein bars:

For those busy days when you barely have time to eat your meals, protein bars are a good and healthy choice. As a snack, though, they are often too high in calories, so you must take a look at the macros. A meal replacement should have at least 10 grams of protein and at eats 350 calories.

  1. Vegetable beverages:

Despite the vitamins and the minerals contained in these drinks, always check the drink’s sodium percentage. If you are not careful, you can end up could be drinking your total daily salt requirement in one serving. They can also have added sugar to mask the flavor of the vegetables.

Bottom line: keep the magic word “moderation” always in mind. You don’t have to suppress an entire food group in order to achieve your weight goals. Just be strategic and if you can check with a sport or regular nutritionist.

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