5 tips to train your mind and then your muscles

by: Intratec Performance Apparel

2018 is full of new challenges, whether it’s a 5k race or a marathon, a little extra motivation and organization never hurts. When you find yourself facing new goals and challenges, remember these tips to get and keep you back on track.

1. Stop planning and start running

Stop thinking too much about how and when to train. Whenever you find free time in your daily routine, just hit the track. It doesn’t matter if you start small, the important part is just to start.

2. Strike for 21

Once you start, try to fit your training session into your everyday schedule. Try taking a few minutes before bed to plan your training block for the next day. Pack everything you’ll need and repeat this process for 21 straight days, to turn it into a habit.

3. The third time’s a charm

The third week is critical. By this time, you already know what you need to do in order to achieve your goal. Review your routine and the actual roadblocks on your way. Redefine your strategy but don’t loose sight of your ultimate goal.

4. Don’t get discouraged

If you’re dealing with an injury or feeling any kind of pain, you have to listen to your body. That way you’ll know when to rest and when to keep pushing. Remember that recovery and resting is a determining part of training. If the pain continues you should trust your body and go see a doctor.

5. Didn’t get the gold

Part of being a runner is to give always your best, always keep moving forward despite adversity and failures. It is ok if you didn’t get into the three first places, or the first ten. Even Usain Bolt, winner of 19 Olympic and World Championship gold medals, once lost a race.

Focus on improving to get the best possible results, learn from your mistakes and draw goals that are increasingly challenging.

If you have any other tip that can help runners around the world achieve their goals, please share them using the #IntratecPerformance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now go get running!



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